City-facilitated neighborhood planning process

From fall 2007 through early summer 2010, the City of Austin facilitated a planning process for our neighborhood. This process generated many maps, surveys, and other documents.

Kickoff November 2007
Kickoff presentation
Kickoff notes

First Workshop December 2007
Initial survey results
First workshop presentation
First workshop exercise Group A and Group B
First workshop notes

Vision and Goals January 2008
Goals presentation
Goals meeting notes
Goals meeting boards with notes
Draft goals (english)

Crime March-April 2008
Crime tables (Type 1 and 2)
Crime statistics
Crime statistics 1
Crime statistics 2
Crime meeting notes
Crime presentation

Code Enforcement April 2008
Crime and code enforcement presentation
Crime and code enforcement meeting notes
Code enforcement meeting notes

Pedestrian Transit and Transportation June 2008

Health July 2008
Health presentation
Health notes
Health-related resources

North Lamar Corridor July-August 2008

Parks, Open Space, and Trees October 2008
Parks and Trees presentation
Austin Community Trees presentation
Parks and Trees notes

Infrastructure November 2008
Sidewalks, curbs, and gutters presentation
Watershed concerns
Infrastructure notes

Sustainability December 2008
Sustainability Initiatives
Power Saver Programs
Community Garden Presentation
Sustainability notes

Land Use February-May 2009
Land Use I presentation
Land Use change map – Group 1
Land Use change map notes – Group 1
Land Use change map – Group 2
Land Use change map notes – Group 2
Land Use I notes
“Consent” areas of change

Land Use II presentation
Land Use II notes
“Consent” areas of change
“Consent” areas of change with notes

Land Use III presentation
Land Use III notes

Land Use IV presentation
Draft future land use map
Land Use IV notes

Land Use V presentation
Future land use areas of discussion
Land Use V notes

Zoning June-October 2009
Zoning I presentation
CO exercise results
Zoning I notes

Zoning II presentation
Zoning II notes

Zoning III presentation
Residential Infill and Mixed-Use Guide
Zoning III notes

Zoning IV presentation
Zoning 101
Zoning IV notes

Visioning exercise

Final Workshop November 2009
Final workshop presentation
Final workshop notes


About nlct

The North Lamar/Georgian Acres neighborhood is a diverse and connected mixed-use area bounded by 183, North Lamar, Braker, and I-35. The "North Lamar/Georgian Acres contact team" (NLCT) works to achieve our vision of a safe healthy neighborhood for residents, property owners, and businesses.
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