Upcoming Neighborhood Team meetings / Reuniones del equipo del vecindario

Fourth quarter regular meeting tbd. Reunion cuarto trimestre sea determinada.

Take the survey for our neighborhood planning area priorities for the city budget for the next three years. Closes Sept 30.

There are lots of smaller gatherings and project activities between quarterly meetings. Check out the calendar and the articles on our site for something that interests you, and join our email list.

Hay muchas reuniones de grupos pequeños y actividades en proyectos entre las reuniones trimestrales. Consulte el calendario y los artículos en nuestro sitio por algo que le interesa, y unirse a nuestra lista de correo electrónico.

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Zoning, Land Use, and Site Plan applications

This is just a quick reference for our neighborhood planning areas. The most current information will always be available from the City of Austin, either through their permit database or by contacting the review manager.

Neighborhood Planning’s Guide to Zoning

Board of Adjustment Guidebook

9015 Capitol Dr
Application to rezone from SF-3 (family residence) to GR (community commercial).
May 12 City Council hearing approved SF-4A on first reading. Next hearing tbd.

211 Beaver
Sub-division into three lots

9523 N Lamar Blvd (Burger King)
Permit review for remodel
Site plan exemption for demolition
Tree permit

700 Showplace Ln (IDEA Rundberg)
Site plan exemption for construction of a new primary school building

10000 1/2 Brownie Dr (Brownie Neighborhood Park)
road extension (Brownie to Longspur)

502 Longspur Club Creek Apartments
September 28, 2016 Board of Adjustment hearing for playground equipment within compatibility setback
Parking variance approved by Board of Adjustment Dec 14, 2015

10601 N Lamar Blvd Marketplace Austin
Site plan for new buildings

11108 Georgian Dr remediation of code enforcement action
Expired site plan applications from March 2015, June 2015, September 2015, April 2016, July 2016 .

Objective Q.2: Recommendation 8: Adopt and apply those principles set forth by the Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) tool.
Objective Q.9: Preserve housing affordability.
Recommendation 23: Encourage the location of minority-owned and -run businesses.
Objective Q.10: Acknowledge the cultural diversity of the neighborhood.
Objective L.7: Establish Ferguson Drive as a neighborhood mixed use district.
Objective L.8: Preserve the largely commercial environment along the I-35 Corridor.

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DRAFT Minutes regular quarterly meeting September 19, 2016

Complete DRAFT minutes

– Approved draft minutes from second quarter regular meetings, neighborhood plan amendment meetings, and meeting with Watershed Protection Dept.
– Resolved to amend bylaws at fourth quarter regular meeting to meet new City requirement to address quorum
– Report on bank accounts

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Northcreek and Georgian Acres Historic Context

draft_appendix_e_to_h_-lhdmaps_recs_resources_eastaustin_historicresources_survey_1A recently completed historic context report for Austin includes a map showing the age of the residential structures in parts of our neighborhoods, as well as a brief discussion of development patterns.

Real estate developers quickly realized the many opportunities offered by the new highway and often touted the advantages of new subdivisions located on or near the new interregional highways. The developer of the Georgian Acres subdivision in north Austin published an advertisement in the local newspaper that extolled the neighborhood’s proximity to the new interregional highway. Further promoting its appeal, the ad noted that property owners paid no city taxes but could enjoy nearby amenities such as a school and “community” (shopping) centers.georgian-acres-classified-june-15-1947 The subdivision included land between Old US 81 (Lamar Boulevard) and the new interregional highway, and thus had access to both roadways.

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2016 Neighborhood Plan Amendments

Our current neighborhood plan was developed from 2007-10. A lot has changed since then! We’ve accomplished many things, and we know more about the things we still need to do. Over the summer, residents, business owners, and property owners worked with government agencies and nonprofits to amend our plan.

Nuestro plan vecindario se desarrolló a partir de 2007-10. ¡Hay muchos cambios desde entonces! Llevamos a cabo muchas cosas, y sabemos más acerca de las cosas que aún tenemos que hacer. Durante el verano, los residentes, gente de negocios, y dueños de propiedad trabajaron con las agencias gubernamentales y organizaciones no lucrativas para enmendar nuestro plan.

At a special electronic meeting Sept 16-19, members voted to formally submit the proposed amendments to the City. DRAFT minutes

Data for statistical profile

Comments, changes, additions after the draft that was submitted to the city. These can be included in the discussion at the community meeting.

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November 8 election

The deadline to register or change your address for this election is October 11. Contact us if you need the form, or would like to help your neighbors register.

We’ll be voting on national offices like President, local offices like city council, county commission, and school board, and on a $720 million city transportation bond.

Candidate and issue forums:

Want to be deputized to register people to vote? Free trainings at the county tax office at 5501 Airport Blvd on Tuesday, October 4 at 10:30am, 12:30pm, and 6:30pm. You must be a registered voter in Travis County.

Interested in paid work on election day at one of our polling places (Precinct 139, 164, or 211)? Apply at Erecruiting@traviscountytx.gov or (512) 854-4996. Students 16 and up are eligible.

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Priorities for city budget 2017-19 / Prioridades para el presupuesto municipal

Every three years, the neighborhood team identifies our top priorities for city spending for our area. Get involved! Complete this survey on your top issue areas, then join us on Thursday, October 27 from 6:30-8:30pm at the North Austin Community Center (YMCA) to finalize our decision.
Share with your neighbors / Comparte con tus vecinos

Your top three priorities for the city capital budget (big, one-time spending)
Tus tres prioridades para presupuesto municipal de capital (gasto grande, de sola vez)


Your top three priorities for the operating budget (smaller or ongoing spending)
Tus tres prioridades para presupuesto de funcionamiento (gasto más pequeño o en curso)

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