Upcoming Neighborhood Team meetings / Reuniones del equipo del vecindario

Fourth quarter regular meeting not yet scheduled.
Reunión regular del cuarto trimestre aún no programada.

There are lots of smaller gatherings and project activities between quarterly meetings. Check out the calendar and the articles on our site for something that interests you, and join our email list.

Hay muchas reuniones de grupos pequeños y actividades en proyectos entre las reuniones trimestrales. Consulte el calendario y los artículos en nuestro sitio por algo que le interesa, y unirse a nuestra lista de correo electrónico.

As Austin’s most international district, the North Lamar/Georgian Acres neighborhood plan contact team believes that every resident is a valued member of our community, deserves to be treated fairly and with respect, and that when some of our residents live in fear of contact with public officials it makes all of us less safe, and has a negative impact on our community.

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November 6, 2018 general election

Voter turnout in our precincts:

Pct 139 (183 to the creek) 46.0%
Pct 164 (creek to Applegate) 39.7%
Pct 211 (Applegate to Braker) 55.4%

Complete election results.

Our next chance to vote will be the runoff election for at-large school board trustee on December 11. The deadline to register to vote is November 13.

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Barrington School Park improvements Phase II / Mejoras en el parque Barrington fase II

Over winter break, Barrington School Park will be getting more “green” features, including more walking trail and containers to recycle. The improvements are funded by a grant from Austin Parks Foundation.

Durante las vacaciones de invierno, Barrington School Park obtendrá más características “verdes”, que incluyen más senderos para caminar y contenedores para reciclar. Las mejoras son financiadas por una donación de “Austin Parks Foundation” (Fundación de los parques de Austin).

You can get involved in making decisions about continued improvements at our park by attending a meeting of the Barrington Eco-Action Team (BEAT) November 27 or December 18 at 3:30 in the school library, or by contacting Austin Parks and Rec staffer Melody Alcazar 512-974-9466 or melody.alcazar@austintexas.gov.

Puede participar en la toma de decisiones acerca de las mejoras continuas en nuestro parque asistiendo a una reunión del equipo de acción ecológico de Barrington (“BEAT”, por sus siglas en inglés) el 27 de noviembre o el 18 de diciembre a las 3:30 en la biblioteca de la escuela, o contactando a departamento de parques y recreacion empleado Melody Alcazar 512-974-9466 o melody.alcazar@austintexas.gov.

More information about the 2017 Barrington Park improvementsMás información sobre el 2017 Mejoras en el parque Barrington

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Prostitution and Diversion

In September 2018, Austin Police Department conducted a series of prostitution stings resulting in 36 arrests. About two-thirds of these arrests were people selling sex, and about one-third people buying. Twenty of these arrests were in the Georgian Acres neighborhood planning area.

According to APD data, more than 20% of the prostitution arrests this year in the city of Austin have been in Georgian Acres. (For comparison, Georgian Acres is less than 1% of the land area and a little over 1% of the population of the city.) According to researcher Torie Camp:

Prostitution has significant negative impacts on communities. The presence and impact of street-based prostitution is particularly apparent and can cause a range of problems for residents living nearby. Common complaints include solicitation of residents by sex workers, propositioning of residents by johns, sexual activity in public spaces or cars, feelings of intimidation, and criminal activity such as drug dealing and theft which may accompany prostitution. The combination of some or all of these factors leads to disinvestment…

The negative effects of prostitution are most acutely experienced by the sex workers themselves. Unfortunately, physical, emotional and sexual violence, including rape, are prevalent experiences for those involved in prostitution. Street-based prostitutes, in particular, face more frequent and more extreme forms of violence.

In Travis County, some of the people arrested for selling sex have their cases diverted to a special Phoenix Court. “This is an example of a trend in criminal justice practice towards adoption of public health strategies and interventions. Individuals … receive holistic and individualized care to support their exit from ‘the life.’ Upon completion of the program, the original charge of prostitution is dismissed and can also be expunged.”

Here’s more information about Phoenix Court:
Phoenix Court: An Evaluation of Travis County’s Prostitution Diversion Program
Program defunded by Texas still helping prostitutes in Austin make a new life

People convicted of buying sex may be required to attend “john school”, for education on the impacts of prostitution, but this does not dismiss their charges.

2015 background information on prostitution diversion programs

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Brownie Grow Zone update / zona de crecimiento actualización

It’s been one year since the Brownie grow zone restoration plan was approved.
El plan de restauración de la zona de crecimiento Brownie fue aprobado hace un año.

Thanks to all the volunteers and parkgoers who have planted, watered, picked up, hauled, trimmed, and enjoyed our creek and park. Larry hosts a workday the first Saturday of each month, 9am-noon. Text him 512-837-3900 with any questions, or just show up.
Gracias a todos los voluntarios y parqueaderos que plantaron, regaron, recogieron, cargaron, recortaron y disfrutaron de nuestro arroyo y parque. Larry organiza una jornada laboral el primer sábado de cada mes, de 9 am a mediodía. Envíale un mensaje de texto al 512-837-3900 con cualquier pregunta, o simplemente preséntate.

The City of Austin is working on the detention pond this fall, to remove dead trees and limbs and to maintain areas of erosion and sedimentation. This should eliminate the areas where water stands and makes mosquitoes. The City will re-vegetate when they’re done.
La Ciudad de Austin está trabajando en el estanque de detención este otoño, para remover árboles y ramas muertos y para mantener áreas de erosión y sedimentación. Esto debería eliminar las áreas donde el agua se acumula y produce mosquitos. La ciudad plantará nueva vegetación cuando hayan terminado.

IDEA’s contractor will finish up their work by adding a drainage pipe along Brownie Dr and under the IDEA driveway, to eliminate the erosion. They’ll reseed when they’re done, too.
El contratista de IDEA terminará su trabajo agregando una tubería de drenaje a lo largo de Brownie Dr y debajo de la entrada de IDEA, para eliminar la erosión. Ellos sembrarán cuando terminen, también.

Here’s just a few of the plants and animals you can see in our Brownie Neighborhood Park and Grow Zone:
Aquí le presentamos solo algunas de las plantas y animales que puede ver en nuestro parque y zona de crecimiento Brownie:

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DRAFT Minutes Special Electronic Meeting regarding E Powell/E Wonsley future land use Sept 2018

The neighborhood team held another special electronic meeting relating to the E Powell/E Wonsley neighborhood plan amendment application, to change the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) for eight acres between 601 E Powell and 400 E Wonsley from Neighborhood Mixed Use and Mixed Use Office to Multifamily. This issue was voted on several months ago but there were significant changes, including the increased number of units deemed “affordable” (now 85%) and the participation of Housing Authority of the City of Austin (HACA).

The meeting was announced by individual and group email, hand and postal mail, and website. Votes were accepted by email, voice, text, and hand delivery. Thanks everyone for your participation!

Sept 16-19 Vote tally to NOT SUPPORT the change to Multifamily was 10-5.

Previous neighborhood team meetings concerning E Powell/E Wonsley future land use
July Special Electronic Meeting
May 12 regular quarterly meeting
April 5 called meeting

Objective L.2: Maintain a balanced residential character throughout the planning areas.
Recommendation 122: New, more intense residential development should contain a mixed use element and be located along major roadways.
Objective L.4: All new mixed use development should contain affordable units.
Recommendation 130: Encourage developers to take advantage of the
incentives to provide affordable housing in new mixed use developments.
Objective L.10: Establish a mixed use district at the southern end of the planning areas.

Complete ballot text

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E Powell/E Wonsley housing

[Updated September 8]

1. Housing tenure
The south part of Georgian Acres, between Powell and 183, is over 96% rental, almost all in apartment complexes.
Since the 2010 census, our planning areas have added a few handfuls of 1-2-unit housing, ~130 units of new multifamily at Lotus Village, and ~220 units of remodeled multifamily at Austin Suites. That is, the balance now is more weighted towards rental than in 2010 census data.

2. Housing stock
According to the real estate market research CodeNEXT consultants EcoNW produced, average number of bedrooms is around 1.3-1.4, with average square footage of a one-bedroom unit 625-675.

3. Children and schools
According to the census, almost 30% of the residents in this area are children.
AISD‘s current intention is that Webb Primary would be dissolved into TA Brown when their new building opens, which they plan to be January 2020.
Webb Primary – 75% english language learners, 92% economically disadvantaged
TA Brown – 70% english language learners, 99% economically disadvantaged

4. Income
The median income for the census tract south of Powell is right at half of the median for the Austin MSA. That is, housing targeted to 60% MFI would be out of reach of most people here now, although not all, and not far out of reach.

5. Healthy food access is limited

6. Current Section 8 prices and availability (voucher- and project-based)
Locations of apartments that accept vouchers (2012)

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