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DRAFT minutes Regular quarterly meeting / reunión trimestral Nov 12, 2017

Highlights: Introductions and welcome of new members Discussion of traffic calming and other safety projects in progress. Update on Brownie park and grow zone development, with a  vote to move forward to apply for grants. Handout Complete DRAFT minutes Advertisements

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Minutes April 10, 2017 neighborhood plan amendment work session

This called meeting was to discuss and make decisions about the latest round of comments from city staff on the amendments that we submitted in September 2016, in accordance with City Code. We discussed many possible next steps. We decided … Continue reading

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Minutes March 4 and April 8 2017 called meetings

Thanks, everybody, for your work to improve our parks, waterways, and school grounds. It’s My Park Day at Brownie Park, March 4 draft minutes. Also, Larry found a possum skull. Clean Sweep at Little Walnut Creek tributary, April 8 draft … Continue reading

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Minutes Regular quarterly meeting / reunión trimestral Feb 12, 2017

Highlights: – Officer elections (PJ Qolas, Vice Chair. Colin MacDougal, Secretary. Larry Reagan, Registrar.) Thanks for agreeing to serve! – Discussion and resolution on public safety and immigration enforcement “As Austin’s most international district, NLGACT believes that every resident is … Continue reading

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Minutes regular quarterly meeting Dec 4, 2016

Complete DRAFT minutes Highlights: – Bylaws amended to include: “A quorum must be present in order to make a decision at a Contact Team meeting. A quorum is established when at least 1/2 of the elected officers and 3 additional … Continue reading

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Budget Priorities – Minutes Oct 27, 2016

DRAFT Minutes for Oct 27, 2016 called meeting Every three years, the city asks the neighborhood team to identify top priority recommendations from our neighborhood plan for their capital and operating spending. Neighborhood survey and poll results, along with meeting … Continue reading

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Stormwater and Flooding / Aguas pluviales y inundaciones

September 27, 2016 Follow-up from Watershed Protection Department Information on Stormwater Discharge Permit Program (SDPP), including a list of neighborhood businesses currently permitted under SDPP, stormwater discharge inspections conducted in the neighborhood since June 2014, and a list of business … Continue reading

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