Zoning & Land Use

This is just a quick reference to properties in our neighborhood planning areas with active zoning or land use matters. The most current information will always be available from the City of Austin, either through their permit database or by contacting the review manager.

Neighborhood Planning’s Guide to Zoning

Board of Adjustment Guidebook

500 E Powell Ln
Georgian Acres Neighborhood Park site plan

601 E Powell Ln
Thursday, September 20 City Council hearing and vote, City Hall, no early than 2pm
Neighborhood Plan Amendment for apartments
Zoning Change LO-MU and LR-MU (limited office and neighborhood commercial, mixed use to MF-4 (moderate density multifamily)

614 E Powell Ln
Site plan for warehouse approved

8240 Georgian
Site plan for office and warehouse

8300 N IH35 (currently Austin Suites) approved. 90-day  moveout notice anticipated in September.
Neighborhood Plan Amendment Commercial to Mixed Use
Zoning Change CS-CO-NP to CS-MU-CO-NP

9113 Georgian new ADU

9207 N Lamar Blvd (Guadalajara) expansion

9306 Georgian
Subdivide into two lots

9310 Georgian
change of use for dental clinic

305 E Rundberg
Site plan

10502 N IH35
Third Coast Auto site plan for pavement and rain garden

10503 N Lamar Blvd Corona Bar
Site plan exemption for cocktail lounge expansion – denied

10601 N Lamar Blvd Marketplace Austin
Site plan for new buildings

10604 Middle Fiskville
Temporary use permit for parking

203 Victor Capital Mortuary
Site plan for expansion

701 W Braker
Site plan for 7-11

Objective Q.2: Recommendation 8: Adopt and apply those principles set forth by the Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) tool.
Objective Q.9: Preserve housing affordability.
Recommendation 23: Encourage the location of minority-owned and -run businesses.
Objective Q.10: Acknowledge the cultural diversity of the neighborhood.
Objective L.2: Maintain a balanced residential character throughout the planning areas.
Recommendation 122: New, more intense residential development should contain a mixed use element and be located along major roadways.
Objective L.4: All new mixed use development should contain affordable units.
Recommendation 130: Encourage developers to take advantage of the
incentives to provide affordable housing in new mixed use developments.
Objective L.8: Preserve the largely commercial environment along the I-35 Corridor.
Objective L.9: Create a node of commercial activity in the far northeastern corner of the planning areas.
Objective L.10: Establish a mixed use district at the southern end of the planning areas.