November 7, 2017 bond election results

Austin ISD bond

  • $1,051M bond initiative “designed to modernize or construct 16 new campus facilities, some of which will be replacement schools. It is also planned to update campuses with capital improvement projects.”: Passed

Travis County transportation and parks bond

  • $93.4M bond initiative for transportation: Passed
  • $91.5M bond initiative for parks and open spaces: Passed

Voter turnout
Pct 139 – 7.1%
Pct 164 – 5.4%
Pct 211 – 12.0%

Our next election will be the March 2018 primary. Register to vote

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What do you see in Brownie Park? / ¿Qué ves en Brownie Park?

Imagine the Future – Planning workshop
Imaginar el futuro – Taller de planificación

Saturday, November 18, 1:30-3:30pm
Sábado, 18 de noviembre, 1:30-3:30pm
North Austin YMCA, 1000 W Rundberg

More about architect Kristine Stiphany, who is working pro bono on this project.

Official City of Austin Parks & Rec Department website for Brownie Park Framework Planning

Want to get involved? / ¿Quieres involucrarte?

  • Donate money. Every bit helps!
  • Donate materials: refreshments, photocopying, office supplies.
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Brownie Grow Zone Restoration / Restauración de la zona de crecimiento

We now have an approved grow zone restoration plan. This means that we can move forward with making the creek a beautiful and safe green space for our neighborhood. Thanks to everybody who worked on the plan!
Cover page and approval
Text and illustrations

Want to get involved? / ¿Quieres involucrarte?

  • Donate money. Every bit helps!
  • Donate materials: t-posts, native plants and seeds, refreshments.
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Little Free Libraries / Libros-Libres

“Building community, Sparking creativity, Inspiring readers” / “Construir la comunidad, Estallar la creatividad, Inspirar a los lectores

Our neighborhoods have three little free libraries so far / Nuestros vecindarios apoyan tres libros-libres hasta ahora:

  • Our newest little free library is this Texas-themed location on East Drive, in Georgian Acres. / Nuestro libro-libre más nuevo es esta localización con tema de Tejas en East Drive en Georgian Acres.
  • The Walnut Creek Elementary little free library focuses on books for young readers, in english and in spanish. / El libro-libre de la primaria Walnut Creek se centra en libros para jóvenes lectores, en inglés y en español.
  • The little free library at The Burrow near Masterson Trail just celebrated its four-year anniversary. It includes adult and children’s books, with seasonal themes and treats. / El libro-libre en The Burrow cerca de Masterson Trail acaba de celebrar su cuarto aniversario. Incluye libros para adultos y niños, con temas de temporada y golosinas.
    Louanne says, “My friends helped me build it, my husband helped me decorate it, and my kids helped me fill it. We want everyone in the community to know it’s here for them.

Want to start your own little free library? Here’s videos, instructions and inspiring stories for how to do it.

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Volunteer in our neighborhood

In addition to neighborhood team activities, there are many different ways to connect with our neighbors and build a stronger community. If you participate in one of these programs, please share your experiences.

  • Austin Humane Society needs people to socialize cats and dogs to prepare them for adoption.
  • coachSoccer youth coaches, contact Tiera Johnson or 512-973-9622 at the North Austin Community Center (YMCA). Training provided.
  • Meals on Wheels uses volunteers to deliver meals and other services to homebound neighbors from their site at 601 W. Braker.
  • Austin Partners in Education (APIE) has volunteer openings at Barrington and Walnut Creek Elementaries, as well as our middle and high schools. Assist in a classroom, help chaperone a field trip, or have lunch with a student once a week. Training and support provided.
  • Volunteer voter registrar. Training the 1st Tuesday of each month, with 1-hour sessions at either 10:30 am, 12:30 pm or 6:30 pm at the Travis County Voter Registrar’s office, 5501 Airport Blvd

Neighborhood Plan Objectives:
Recommendation 19 Access various resources that support property maintenance.
Objective Q.10: Acknowledge the cultural diversity of North Lamar/Georgian Acres.
Recommendation 24 Consider the continuation or expansion of … language-based adult educational classes.
Recommendation 27 Explore additional opportunities for recreation.
Objective Q.14: Improve the availability of healthy and nutritional food options.

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Our neighborhood schools / Nuestras escuelas vecinales

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TA Brown @ 400 Cooper Drive

The Barrington school and park site now has nine more portable buildings, for TA Brown Elementary. Brown will also share some of the Barrington buildings, such as the cafeteria.

During the past school year, TA Brown faculty and students were split between buildings at AISD’s Allen campus, in southeast Austin, and Reilly Elementary. The criteria for the selection of a site for the school’s home for the next two to five years were:

  • A strong community and staff desire to keep all TA Brown students together at one site
  • The proximity of the selected site to the TA Brown community [in Georgian Acres and Highland]
  • The capacity of the site to adequately hold additional portables

According to Valerie Taylor Schkade with AISD:

Barrington was the campus selected because it is the campus that best meets the criteria.

AISD facilities staff have looked closely at minimizing the impact of the portables on the track and park area.  The portables will not displace any part of the current track.  Our current information indicates that out of 85 trees, only six will need to be relocated.  No trees will be removed.  The contractors that relocate the trees will take all necessary precautions to protect the trees from damage.

AISD will provide school buses for the students who live south of 183. The city was already developing a written Safe Route to Schools plan for the Barrington campus, which will now include the TA Brown students. They also already had construction projects scheduled over the summer including accessible sidewalks and traffic calming.

More information about AISD portables
Next school year, AISD will have three north central schools entirely in portable buildings: Dobie PreK, Webb Primary, and TA Brown.

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