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Prostitution and Diversion

In September 2018, Austin Police Department conducted a series of prostitution stings resulting in 36 arrests. About two-thirds of these arrests were people selling sex, and about one-third people buying. Twenty of these arrests were in the Georgian Acres neighborhood … Continue reading

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Prostitution diversion

[February 2015 update: Travis County prostitution prevention grant application] Effective Approaches for Reducing Prostitution Texas Criminal Justice Coalition Examining Prostitution Diversion Initiatives Texas Public Policy Foundation Dallas Prostitution Diversion Initiative “… [F]irst implemented by the Dallas Police Department in 2007. … Continue reading

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Drug market interventions

5th Street The 5th Street Posse New program targets repeat offenders downtown 12th & Chicon July 2012 Working ‘The Corner’ Residents near 12th, Chicon say momentum turning May-June 2013 APD media release about Drug Market Intervention (DMI) A Second Chance … Continue reading

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Rundberg area repeat offenders

Tommy Brooks Current case(s): D-1-DC-12-201133 Possession of a controlled substance. Oct 26, 2012 sentenced to one year in state jail, projected release date May 4, 2013. Bobby Peoples Total arrests: 15. Total offenses: 45. Current case(s): D-1-DC-12-201973 Burglary of a … Continue reading

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Applegate offenders

Daniel Saldana Current case(s):D-1-DC-11-206442 Burglary of a habitation. August 17, 2012 Sentenced to four years probation. Ronald Tatsch Current case(s):D-1-DC-11-204964. Possession of a controlled substance PG-1 greater than 4g less than 200g. Next court date August 6 in 299th District … Continue reading

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Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation (BCJI) program

The Department of Justice (DOJ) awarded a million-dollar, three-year grant for our “distressed” Rundberg neighborhoods. The grant is not simply for increased APD patrols, enhanced prosecution, or other law enforcement activities. According to DOJ, the elements of BCJI are: Place-based … Continue reading

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Minutes “nuts and bolts” crime discussion Sept 27, 2012

2012.09.27 Minutes 2. Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation grant LisaH gave an overview of the DOJ grant. The first year is a smaller amount as a planning grant, with increased funding the second and third years (along with an increased match … Continue reading

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