DRAFT minutes called meeting / reunión llamada March 25, 2018

Officers: Colin MacDougal, Larry Reagan
Voting members: Lisa Hinely, Monica Guzmán, Rodney Thrailkill
Guest: Angelica Garcia

CodeNEXT discussion of corridors and centers continued from the Feb 10, 2018 meeting. Both resolutions were passed in their entirety:

North Lamar Boulevard
Whereas one of the City of Austin’s zoning principles is that similarly situated properties should be treated equally;
Therefore, the same system of zoning categories should be used on both sides of the North Lamar Boulevard corridor from US183 to Braker Lane.

Urban boundaries
Whereas regional centers, the “most urban” of the center types, in the adopted Imagine Austin growth concept map include Lakeline, Highland, and North Burnet/Gateway, as well as downtown;
Whereas the adopted North Burnet/Gateway master plan and regulating plan aim to create an urban, mixed-use community, often referred to as a “second downtown”, with as many as 40,000 new housing units and buildings as high as 20 stories;
Whereas the area around the Lamar/Rundberg neighborhood activity center is one of the densest residential neighborhoods in the City, with roughly three-quarters of its housing units in apartment complexes;
Therefore, urban/suburban/rural boundaries of any development regulations or infrastructure criteria or guidelines should be based on relevant characteristics and on the Imagine Austin growth concept map. Relevant characteristics would include population density, transportation volume by mode, and development patterns including internal circulation;
Specifically, the activity corridors (North Lamar Boulevard, Rundberg Lane, and Braker Lane) and activity center in the North Lamar/Georgian Acres and North Austin Civic Association (NACA) planning areas should be considered “urban”.

Discussion points for the North Lamar Boulevard resolution included:

  • recognition that during the city-facilitated planning process, North Lamar/Georgian Acres stakeholders  identified crime as the top priority issue, followed by traffic safety. Their land use preferences along the corridors were heavily driven by the desire to create an environment less conducive to crime and violence, and more protective of vulnerable populations.
  • Comparison of “conditional overlay exercise” during the city-facilitated planning process in 2007-10 with North Lamar Boulevard conditional overlays (183-Rundberg, Rundberg-Braker, as adopted by city council in 2010, and with CodeNEXT draft 3 allowed uses.
  • the NACA 2000 neighborhood plan (“Introduce mixed-use development along
    perimeter thoroughfares… to maximize economic development opportunities while interjecting the aesthetic appeal and vibrant nature of properly designed mixed-use development.”) and 2017 CodeNEXT position paper (“Match mixed-use zoning on N Lamar from US 183 to Braker Ln to be consistent on both east and west sides.”)
  • pace of redevelopment

Discussion points for the urban boundaries resolution included differences in park access, transportation criteria, and site design standards.

New CodeNEXT discussion of interior residential lots resulted in passage of a resolution supporting
Duplexes and ADUs
Duplex _and_ accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to be allowed on lots in residential-scale zones, when they otherwise meet site requirements.

Discussion of “missing middle” housing (3-24 units) was tabled.


About nlct

The North Lamar/Georgian Acres neighborhood is a diverse and connected mixed-use area bounded by 183, North Lamar, Braker, and I-35. The "North Lamar/Georgian Acres contact team" (NLCT) works to achieve our vision of a safe healthy neighborhood for residents, property owners, and businesses.
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