2016 Neighborhood Plan Amendments

Apr 1, 2017 Planning staff review comments

Feb 7, 2017
Letter from Planning and Zoning Director Greg Guernsey (rec’d March 2)

Dec 1, 2016 Amendment text, with city staff review comments (Economic Development, Health and Human Services, Neighborhood Housing, Police, Telecommunications, Sustainability, Transportation)

Our current neighborhood plan was developed from 2007-10. A lot has changed since then! We’ve accomplished many things, and we know more about the things we still need to do. Over the summer of 2016, residents, business owners, and property owners worked with government agencies and nonprofits to amend our plan.

Nuestro plan vecindario se desarrolló a partir de 2007-10. ¡Hay muchos cambios desde entonces! Llevamos a cabo muchas cosas, y sabemos más acerca de las cosas que aún tenemos que hacer. Durante el verano de 2016, los residentes, gente de negocios, y dueños de propiedad trabajaron con las agencias gubernamentales y organizaciones no lucrativas para enmendar nuestro plan.

At a special electronic meeting Sept 16-19, 2016 members voted to formally submit the proposed amendments to the City. DRAFT minutes

Data for statistical profile

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