Northcreek and Georgian Acres Historic Context

draft_appendix_e_to_h_-lhdmaps_recs_resources_eastaustin_historicresources_survey_1A recently completed historic context report for Austin includes a map showing the age of the residential structures in parts of our neighborhoods, as well as a brief discussion of development patterns.

Real estate developers quickly realized the many opportunities offered by the new highway and often touted the advantages of new subdivisions located on or near the new interregional highways. The developer of the Georgian Acres subdivision in north Austin published an advertisement in the local newspaper that extolled the neighborhood’s proximity to the new interregional highway. Further promoting its appeal, the ad noted that property owners paid no city taxes but could enjoy nearby amenities such as a school and “community” (shopping) centers.georgian-acres-classified-june-15-1947 The subdivision included land between Old US 81 (Lamar Boulevard) and the new interregional highway, and thus had access to both roadways.


About nlct

The North Lamar/Georgian Acres neighborhood is a diverse and connected mixed-use area bounded by 183, North Lamar, Braker, and I-35. The "North Lamar/Georgian Acres contact team" (NLCT) works to achieve our vision of a safe healthy neighborhood for residents, property owners, and businesses.
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One Response to Northcreek and Georgian Acres Historic Context

  1. Lyn says:

    The map and old advertisement are are interesting. Thanks. Too bad that “1/2 mile from city taxes is no longer true.;-)

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