Traffic Calming (April 2016 update)

In 2013, for both the North Lamar and the Georgian Acres neighborhood planning areas, the neighborhood team identified traffic calming as the top priority for the city’s capital budget. In 2015, stakeholders throughout the area prioritized traffic calming to Councilman Casar for the city’s “quarter cent funds”.

We have the following streets in various stages of the analysis, ranking and installation process:

    • Funded!
      • 13A-0025 Grady, Motheral to Brownie
        Thanks, David. The city anticipates construction later this year. In the meantime, slow down, people!
      • 14A-0023 Diamondback, I35 to Garrett Run
        Esmeralda stepped in and got the petition signatures for this dangerous street where so many of our children live. Diamondback scored 160 points, ranking it #3 in the city. Thanks also to Angelica and Aggie for your work.
      • 12B-0012 Georgian Dr, Home Pl to Wonsley
        Georgian scored 123 points, #6 in the rankings, and has been funded from the city’s “quarter-cent funds”. To meet the city requirements, Dottie, Julian and other neighborhood team members had to contact over 300 residences and other property owners. Special thanks to all the friends, neighbors and children who pitched in.
      • 13B-0073 W Longspur, Plover to Oriole
        Thanks, Alice! This road now scores 102 points, #14 for funding. Longspur moved up a little bit in priority with the additional Brownie parkland and the opening of IDEA Rundberg.
      • 14A-0012 W Elliott
        Elliott scored 94 points, and ranked #17. Great job, Brooke and Julia!
      • 13B-0022 Beaver
        Thanks, Jeremy! Beaver scores 93 points, and is ranked #20.
      • 14A-0036 North Creek, Rundberg to Rock Hollow
        North Creek also scores 93 points, and is ranked #21.
    • Eligible
      • 14A-0008 East Dr
        East Dr. is eligible for traffic calming, with the installation of road humps. Neighbors are still discussing how they want to move forward. Contact Beverly for more information.
      • 14B-0023 Oriole
        Oriole is eligible for traffic calming, but the petition with signatures of all the residents and property owners hasn’t been completed yet. Contact LisaH if you’d like to work with the neighborhood team on this.
    • Not active
      Contact LisaH if you’re interested in working with the neighborhood team to make any of these roads safer for cars, bikes, and pedestrians. Or, if you live or own property on the street, you can submit the traffic calming application yourself.

      • 12B-0004 Applegate, North Lamar to Brownie
        Unfortunately, the application for Applegate has expired. The street met the eligibility criteria in 2012, but the data and the petition needs to be updated. Contact Mona if you’d like to help.
      • 13A-0050 Wonsley, Purnell to Gessner
        The application for Wonsley has expired.
      • E Powell
        To meet the city’s requirements, we need a point of contact who owns property or lives on Powell between the new park and Georgian.
      • Deen
        To meet the city’s requirements, we need a point of contact who owns property or lives on Deen.
    • Not eligible
      • 13A-0049 Purnell, 183 to Wonsley
        Did not meet speeding criteria. There are roughly 1000 cars per day, but the 85th percentile speeds were only 26.5 & 29, with a 30mph limit.

Complete information about the city’s Local Area Traffic Management (traffic calming) program

Neighborhood Plan Recommendation 79: Conduct a traffic-calming study to determine possible design changes to the street network to facilitate traffic flow and reduce hazards throughout the neighborhood. If warranted, implement the recommendation(s) from the traffic-calming study.


About nlct

The North Lamar/Georgian Acres neighborhood is a diverse and connected mixed-use area bounded by 183, North Lamar, Braker, and I-35. The "North Lamar/Georgian Acres contact team" (NLCT) works to achieve our vision of a safe healthy neighborhood for residents, property owners, and businesses.
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