Regular quarterly meeting April 21, 2015

NLGACT Quarterly Mtg Minutes April 21 2015
Bambu Cafe

Approved minutes

Julia Foree, Chair
Rodney Thrailkill, Vice Chair
Colin MacDougal, Secretary
David Flores
Lisa Hinely
Amanda Lewis

Excused: Lisa Garner, Lyn Galbrath, Monica Guzmán, Carl Webb

Opened 6:20 pm

Motion Hinely:
Move to approve April 2014 meeting minutes on condition that attendees names are added.
Second Flores. Passed.

Motion MacDougal:
Move to approve Dec. 7, 2014 Minutes.
Second Thailkill. Passed with 1 abstention.

Motion MacDougal:
Move to approve Jan. 24 2015 minutes.
Second Flores. Passed with 3 modifications to the minutes:
Change Barrington to Brownie
Correct the spelling of Liaise
Add Monica Guzmán to the attendee list
(these changes have been made)

(Line # refer to a master proposed set of changes visible on Google Drive NorthLamar53 titled: “Jan 2014 Bylaws changes proposed at meetings”)

Motion Lewis
Move to approve amendments #9, “At least one general meeting shall be held per calendar quarter.” and #10 change 10 to 14 days
(regarding notification of meetings).
Second Thrailkill. Passed

Motion Lewis
Move to approve #11 and #12 with the additional text in 1B “”herein after known as the Contact Team.”
(regarding change of this organization’s name and acronym)
Second Thrailkill. Passed

Motion Flores:
Move to approve #14.
(regarding bylaws to be supplied to officers on request)
Second Lewis. Passed.

Motion Lewis
Move to approve #16 to delete non applicable sections.
(regarding the removal of sections of the bylaws related to initial start-up and now obsolete)
Second Flores. Passed.

Motion Hinely:
Move to approve #20. Amended to remove all of section 5(c).
(regarding secretary’s duty to note and contact members whose membership will lapse)
Second Flores. Passed.

Motion Lewis:
Move approve #19
(to remove section 5B regarding automatic lapsing of membership)
Second Thrailkill. Passed.

Motion MacDougal:
Move Section 4 E (2) to read “Beginning April 21, 2015, individuals shall become members after attending (as evidenced by sign-in sheets) one meeting and completing a membership form.”
Second Thrailkill. Passed.

Motion Hinely:
Move to allow secretary to make administrative changes to implement changes to bylaws.
Second Foree. Passed.

Motion MacDougal:
“the Contact Team supports that the Community Development Commission to have at least one member from the North Lamar / Rundberg area to be nominated to its board, effective July 1, 2015.”
Second Lewis. Passed.

Candidate Amanda Lewis was elected by voice vote.

Meeting closed by Foree 9:06 pm


About nlct

The North Lamar/Georgian Acres neighborhood is a diverse and connected mixed-use area bounded by 183, North Lamar, Braker, and I-35. The "North Lamar/Georgian Acres contact team" (NLCT) works to achieve our vision of a safe healthy neighborhood for residents, property owners, and businesses.
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