Prostitution diversion

[February 2015 update: Travis County prostitution prevention grant application]

Effective Approaches for Reducing Prostitution Texas Criminal Justice Coalition

Examining Prostitution Diversion Initiatives Texas Public Policy Foundation

Dallas Prostitution Diversion Initiative
“… [F]irst implemented by the Dallas Police Department in 2007. Instead of viewing prostitutes as criminals the Dallas Police Department would approach them as victims, bring resources from a large cross section of organizations into the streets where the prostitutes work.”

A Dark Truck Stop. A Crowd of Sex Workers. A Government Program That Works? Mother Jones, March 21, 2013

Houston GIRLS court KPRC, March 17, 2013

South Congress Prostitution Problem
“The YWCA [spearheaded] the effort to provide the continuum of services that prostitutes need to get out of their dangerous, unhealthy line of work. More than a dozen social service providers [stitched] together the services: safe housing, child care, job training, abuse counseling, drug treatment, etc.”

Restore A Voice is an Austin non-profit seeking to develop a residential shelter for child victims of sex trafficking. Their website includes links to books and videos about this subject.

Texas League of Women Voters study guide
Contact Eliza May for information about the Austin area study group

[Added March 2014]
Urban Institute report “Estimating the Size and Structure of the Underground Commercial Sex Economy in Eight Major US Cities

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