Brownie Park Discussion /Reunion sobre el Parque de Brownie

North Lamar/Georgian Acres neighborhood team Chair Julia Foree reports:

While our turnout was smallish, 11 adults total, it was a good range of folks: men, women, apartment dwellers, both recent and long time, parents, landlord, absentee property owner, nearby neighbor homeowner, nearby neighbor apartment dweller, and of course, developer (IDEA Public Schools ED). Plus me, and a UT sociology grad student.

The idea of the new school [on the undeveloped Triton/Showplace Lane property to the south] was met with delight by everyone present.

Talking safety, folks felt like the fence/a fence does nothing, as folks just cut holes in it, but they all agreed that keeping the brush cut back and grass mowed would do the most to keep things safe and discourage undesirable folks. They also suggested periodic (horse?) patrols on the land.

There was interest in some additional play equipment, particularly swings and soccer field, but no critical mass at this meeting.

A bicycle/[ADA-compliant] path to the other side of the park was also suggested. This would require a bridge…or two. The topography of the land between the two parts of the park is unfriendly, as there is effectively an E_W trench between the two parts, as well as the N/S drainageway. [Note: Watershed Protection engineers from the city have already inspected the dam and spillway. While it is clearly failing, this does not create a damaging flood risk, so is not a high priority for their department.]

The gate onto Longspur has been removed and replaced with posts, but not close enough together to prevent grocery cart entry.

The new school is expected to have swings, basketball pavilion and soccer field once built, but the decision of how much to open up the school facilities and playground to the neighborhood would ultimately be up to the principal, so nothing is certain.

There was some talk among the neighbors about opening up Brownie Dr as a school entrance, which the neighbors present and landlord all seemed to think was a good idea. No discussion with developer on this yet. Obviously this would be a big deal, and would require some serious negotiation and inter-departmental work, as the land at the south end of Brownie Dr is (by design) part of the Brownie Park extension.

Objective P.2: Improve the access to and safety of Brownie Playground.
Recommendation 27 Explore additional opportunities for recreation in the neighborhood.


About nlct

The North Lamar/Georgian Acres neighborhood is a diverse and connected mixed-use area bounded by 183, North Lamar, Braker, and I-35. The "North Lamar/Georgian Acres contact team" (NLCT) works to achieve our vision of a safe healthy neighborhood for residents, property owners, and businesses.
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