Minutes April 16, 2013

Minutes April 16, 2013

I. [Membership and Attendance]
II. [Austin bond election May 11 – District 3 Trustee Ann Teich]

III. Old Business / Asuntos previos
A. Transportation / transporte
– North Lamar improvements / mejoraciones en North Lamar (Polly)
February 12 meeting with Alan Hughes from City of Austin’s Transportation Planning Division & City of Austin project manager Demira Wyatt & Juan Wah from Capital Metro – docs can be found on NLCT website; talked about the changes to North Lamar and neighborhood priorities
$50 million: we only get $15 million to share between ourselves and North Burnet
Another meeting with 6 people; didn’t make decisions
City of Austin Transportation were going to do another presentation – in May; to be determined whether incremental improvements or everything

– local area traffic management
City of Austin speeding mitigation package
Applegate qualified, Purnell, Wonsley and Grady waiting to hear, Beaver applied for.
Georgian qualified for Wonsley to Home – city worked with us on this to qualify. Challenge is we need signatures from all those property owners; will probably work on this in July
Diamondback/Masterson area we need outreach effort to identify resident or property owner to put in application

B. Zoning, Land Use, and Code / Zona, uso de propiedad y codigo
– 105 W Braker rezoning (LisaH)
community meeting at end of month; not a lot of motivation on that effort; if zoning changes, no requirement that owner will do what they are saying now

– Property tax workshop preview (Lyn)
Every year, typically protest my taxes; usually successful, saves $; want all of us to do it; around time notices come out, want to hold a workshop; I’m not bilingual: need someone who speaks Spanish; May 31: deadline to file protest; will promote event on neighborhood website, Facebook. How to target homeowners – fliers? Personal invitation?

– Housing affordability workshop series preview (LisaH)
[Update April 21]
– April 20, noon-1:00pm Keep Austin Affordable volunteer training at Sierra Ridge apartments http://keepatxaffordable.org/events/
– April 24th, 6:30-8:00pm UT Law School’s Community Development Clinic presentation on current and best practices for remedying problem properties. North Austin Community Center, 1000 W. Rundberg
– May [21], 6:30pm residential property tax protest workshop– May TBD infill design tools (types of buildings and lots)
– June TBD HousingWorks tour (what works in other neighborhoods)
– June TBD Foundation Communities lunch
– July TBD financing workshop (tax increment financing, community development corporation, etc)

C. Parks and Beautification / parques y embellecimiento
– Parks update (LisaH)
no news on Brownie Park land donation
Grants available for trees, beautification, parks from Urban Forest Grant Program, Keep Austin Beautiful, Austin Parks Foundation

E Lola community garden (Randy Jewart, Virgilio Escutia)
rounded up # of excellent gardeners; goals: develop gardens, grow food; going to continue on, still pushing for area that’s a community garden; right now have access to right of way; still bottleneck for water; watering city property, working with city is slow; can never talk to a person; generally the person doesn’t have answers; slow process but I’m used to slow processes; soon will have vegetables for the community; right now, there is no financial cost;
Jennifer Scalzo: mentioned Whole Foods grants

IV. New Business / Asuntos nuevos
Communications (Daniela):
· encourage NLCT member participation/engagement in meetings, subgroup meetings; encourage online dialogue: website, Facebook, Twitter; comment on Restore Rundberg articles to provide community perspectives;
· Nick, Santa Maria Apts: do we want representation from multiple languages?
· Lyn: don’t just want conversation about crime;
· Tammy: Feeling at HEB has changed, people feeling more positive; as we get new developments like YMCA, community garden, crime will cycle away
· I-35 motels as magnet for crime issues. APD says: plan to get business alliance together, stalled because they make $ with that clientele; working on do not rent list; hotels that don’t participate, complain about hotels with hourly rate; work with community, people can go to Google, Yelp and leave negative ratings; going to get those meetings set up; going to have meeting in hotel; future meetings would be good to open to public;

Priorities for City of Austin capital and operating budgets preview (Lisa H):
Summer: put in priorities to city budget; want to have as broad-based neighborhood decision as possible
August 2010 prioritization

V. Adjourn / Levantar


About nlct

The North Lamar/Georgian Acres neighborhood is a diverse and connected mixed-use area bounded by 183, North Lamar, Braker, and I-35. The "North Lamar/Georgian Acres contact team" (NLCT) works to achieve our vision of a safe healthy neighborhood for residents, property owners, and businesses.
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