Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation (BCJI) program

The Department of Justice (DOJ) awarded a million-dollar, three-year grant for our “distressed” Rundberg neighborhoods.

The grant is not simply for increased APD patrols, enhanced prosecution, or other law enforcement activities. According to DOJ, the elements of BCJI are:

  • Place-based strategy
    “Targets a neighborhood with high levels of crime or types of crime in order to most effectively target resources and to positively influence multiple social disorganization factors such as concentration of high-risk residents, limited infrastructure, and
    collective efficacy of community and physical conditions. Specifically, research shows that targeting a neighborhood with a number of geographic “hot spots” of criminal activity is effective in preventing and reducing crime, but should also build upon other existing efforts to revitalize the community by addressing underlying needs of residents, engaging the community in problem solving or improving the physical infrastructure consistent with CPTED [crime prevention through environmental design] principles.”
  • Data-driven problem solving
    “Local researcher-practitioner partnerships can help a community collaboration to use data and intelligence to clearly define problems, identify evidence-based and innovative strategies, and periodically assess program implementation to refine the approach and enhance the program.” UT’s Dr David Kirk is the researcher on our project.
  • Community-oriented
    “To catalyze and sustain change, there must be active involvement and leadership of neighborhood residents throughout the revitalization process. Understanding residents’ views of the neighborhood, particularly the neighborhood’s needs and assets, and how residents want their neighborhood to change, is critical. Tactical enforcement by criminal justice partners are maximized through collaborations with community residents and institutions, building positive social controls that can deter future crime, and the legitimacy of police, prosecutors, and other criminal justice partners.”

Links about other drug market interventions

BCJI grant guidelines

Austin Police Department application 2012-AJ-BX-0015

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