Minutes “nuts and bolts” crime discussion Sept 27, 2012

2012.09.27 Minutes

2. Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation grant
LisaH gave an overview of the DOJ grant. The first year is a smaller amount as a planning grant, with increased funding the second and third years (along with an increased match requirement). There will be some initial planning in October to identify all the stakeholders. After the City formally accepts the money on Nov 1, community meetings and more detailed planning will begin. APD is the fiscal agent for the recipient “consortium” of APD, UT researcher Dr. David Kirk, and community organizations.

3. Citizen’s Police Academy
Mona and Lisa G are attending the fall session. They reported on their classes so far about recruiting, the police academy, internal affairs, and the police monitor.

There will be another session starting in Feb 2013. Check http://austintexas.gov/service/citizens-police-academy for more information, or contact officer Dennis Farris. [Update: Registration for the fall 2013 session will open June 1.]

4. Downtown anticrime nuts and bolts
Detective Cleveland described the approach that he and Fifth Street residents were able to use to move the open air drug market away from their street.
– Some characteristics of the downtown environment are different from our neighborhood – they had tall buildings to use for observations, and didn’t have prostitution or other crime issues besides the drugs. The patrol area is much smaller.
– Their organizing included weekly meetings between residents and APD patrol. Trained residents contacted patrol directly when they observed crimes and had documentation.
– Residents went to court to observe their cases, and stayed in touch with prosecutors. DAA funds one assistant district attorney just to work on downtown cases.

5. Ridealongs
Community members can ride with a patrol officer for a shift. Contact Officer Kianes or 974-5805 to make arrangements.

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