APD District Representatives Jan-Jun 2011

Officer Ray Kianes reports:

The SARA analysis has been performed and is currently being worked on. SARA is an acronym for Scanning, Analysis, Response, Assessment. As for the scanning phase we are to identify, define and investigate existing or emerging problems. We have done this by compiling crime statistics, speaking with Patrol and Specialized police units in APD. We have selected key areas that need more police attention.

We then moved to Analyses. During the Analysis phase we met with stakeholders. This includes several meetings with the North Lamar Contact Team, Mockingbird Neighborhood Association as well as meetings we held with property owners and business owners. From these meetings we worked with the community to determine what the issues are and work together to try and solve or reduce the problems.

We then moved to the Response phase where we established goals and implement them. During this Phase we, by we I mean the North Lamar Contact Team, Mocking bird association, Local Businesses and other land owners identified several areas to be worked on. Rising Crime, Crime against Spanish Speaking Community, Lack of representation in Neighborhood watch, Speeding in the neighborhoods and safety for children going to school.

Some of the responses have been but are not limited to two Community outreach events. Both targeted safety for children in the neighborhood. One of the outreach events was targeted to the Spanish speaking community. The events had representation of approximately 300 local residents in the community. We had school zone initiatives targeting speeding and cell phones used by drivers in school zones. We have and continue to be the liaisons connecting property owners together so that they can help each other as well. We attended block parties including the one on Brownie and spoke with children about safety. We are currently working on a meeting for all property owners on Brownie and another plan to make a business contact team on 35 from Braker to 183. So far I have 4 hotels and 2 gas stations on board.

Some other problems that we spoke about was the turn over of District Representatives and the frustration the residents have with having to start all over with a new DR. We have created a SARA matrix that documents the process that each DR takes in resolving problems. Key contacts are also saved so that the new DR coming in will be able to research contacts, resolve problems, and create solutions more efficiently.

The SARA process is just that, a process. It can never be completed just continuously worked on.

Region II Newsletter (for all of northeast and northwest Austin)
Noticies de region II (todo de Austin noreste y noroeste)


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The North Lamar/Georgian Acres neighborhood is a diverse and connected mixed-use area bounded by 183, North Lamar, Braker, and I-35. The "North Lamar/Georgian Acres contact team" (NLCT) works to achieve our vision of a safe healthy neighborhood for residents, property owners, and businesses.
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