Pocket Park Planning

Kelly Snook, the new Parks and Recreation (PARD) assistant director of operations, planning, design and construction, spoke with Sustainable Neighborhoods about planning and design of pocket parks along transit corridors like Airport, Anderson, Burnet and Lamar. Snook is also the incoming president of the Texas chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Sustainable Neighborhoods presented a vision of pocket parks in public areas, to draw people into neighborhood commercial areas, rather than in residential areas. They suggest that these pocket parks be connected by trails through multifamily or commercial properties.

Snook characterized this as “urban” pocket parks, in contrast to “neighborhood” pocket parks. She mentioned Brownie as a positive example of a neighborhood pocket park. Snook also described how PARD had been acquiring land in the past year for parks, and mentioned other possible sources for park land, such as condemned houses or vacated right-of-way.


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