And we’re off!

The contact team includes property owners, residents, business owners, and nonprofits based in our neighborhood. Join us!

On July 10, we approved by-laws and elected officers:
Chair – Robert Atkinson
Vice-Chair – Lyn Galbreth
Secretary – Lisa Hinely

The next step will be to select our top priorities for action by the City of Austin, out of all the items we included in our neighborhood plan. We’ll schedule a meeting for late July or early August for everyone to discuss and decide.

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About nlct

The North Lamar/Georgian Acres neighborhood is a diverse and connected mixed-use area bounded by 183, North Lamar, Braker, and I-35. The "North Lamar/Georgian Acres contact team" (NLCT) works to achieve our vision of a safe healthy neighborhood for residents, property owners, and businesses.
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